Fluoride Treatments Can Benefit Patients At Increased Risk For Cavities

Confirming what most dentists have long suspected, in a report appearing in the November 2013 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association, a panel said that topical fluoride might be helpful for people at increased risk of developing cavities.

The ADA panel said dentists should determine a patient’s risk for developing cavities by conducting a tooth decay risk assessment. People deemed to be at high risk might then be helped by professionally applied 2.26 percent fluoride varnish or a 1.23 percent fluoride gel every three to six months.

If you have been living in an area that don’t have fluoridated water, have a family history of dental decay, poor brushing techniques, infrequent dental visits, or otherwise prone to cavities, you should speak with your dentist to see if Fluoride Treatments would be right for you.

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