Freshworks: A different approach to dentistry

Sadly, many Americans would rather suffer an unhealthy mouth than suffer the dentist’s chair. This unnecessary fear of the dentist’s office is something that Freshworks aims to change. Our offices are designed with the patient in mind. Our professional, yet casual and relaxed environment helps the patient feel more at home and comfortable. We use technology to better educate the patient and help minimize pain and discomfort whenever possible.

Our “patient first” attitude doesn’t stop there. We’ve created an online patient portal whereby billing statements, online medical history, patient education, and even appointment scheduling is available 24-hours a day. We also have refreshments and several other audio & visual accommodations provided so that you can feel at ease in your experience.

Freshworks Dental Studio has set out to become a different kind of dentist experience and we are proud to provide that experience to our patients.

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