Cancellation and No-show Policy

In order to be respectful of other patient’s needs, please be courteous and call our office promptly if you are unable to attend an appointment. This time will be given to someone who is in urgent need of treatment. Any appointment(s) not cancelled 2 business days in-advance is subject to a $75 cancellation fee.

A no show is an appointment that was not canceled in-advance. No shows inconvenience other patients who need dental care and can cost the practice a lot of money by having the doctor and staff idle. This ultimately increases costs for everyone. A no show for a scheduled appointment will therefore result in a fee of $50 for every half hour of scheduled appointment time.

Additional Q&A on cancellation fees:

“My previous dentist didn’t have missed appointment fees, why do you?”

Freshworks is proud of the quality of patient care we provide. We try our best to respect each patients time and we ask the same from you. Because we will not compromise the service and quality of patient care, we need to address the cancellation issue head-on. There are two options for our practice when a patient no-shows for an appointment. The first choice is for the practice to sit idle and absorb staff, rent, utilities, and doctor time with no offsetting revenue. The second option, which Freshworks refuses to do, is to over-book the schedule. We don’t like over-booked schedules and we’re sure you don’t either. This typically means hectic dentist schedules, hectic staff schedule, long-waits for the patient, and rushed patient care.

“There are probably just a few cancellations a month, right? How much could that cost you?”

If only that were true! Before implementing a cancellation fee policy we could experience 2 or 3 last-minute cancellations or no-shows each day. That might be 20-30% of the daily schedule. We understand some patients have a dental phobia or last minute plans are made, but unfortunately those cancellations quickly turn a profitable practice into an unprofitable practice. We’re sure everyone has a valid reason for each missed appointment, but unfortunately those reasons don’t pay the rent, staff, utilities, etc.

“My boss just made me work late and can no longer make my appointment. Are you really going to charge me?”

Sorry, but yes. By cancelling last minute, we do not have enough time to schedule another patient. This causes us to suffer financially for your actions, or for the actions of others outside our control. You’ve made a personal commitment to our practice and, in return, we’ve reserved doctor and staff time specifically for your appointment. If your boss made you stay late when you had concert tickets, the band wouldn’t hold the show. Similarly if you missed a flight, the airlines don’t give you a free pass. A lot of people ask us to understand their situation when they can’t make an appointment last minute – and we do listen – but please also consider our point of view.

“Nobody called to remind me of my appointment, do I still have to pay?”

Yes. Freshworks goes to great lengths to provide courtesy reminders for appointments. We don’t want you to forget about your appointment, but once you’ve scheduled with us, the responsibility is still yours to keep the appointment or cancel within the allotted timeframe. Whether we are successful in reaching you before-hand or not, the responsibility is still yours. Currently, Freshworks attempts to remind every patient of each appointment by a personal phone call, text message, and email.

If anyone has additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We know this policy isn’t popular, but it has become necessary to operate (we are all ears if someone has other suggestions). If you don’t agree, that’s OK too. We can’t be all things to all people. If your schedule is constantly changing, you might be better served by another practice, and we’ll help recommend other dentists in the area. Our focus will remain the same: provide outstanding patient care at affordable prices, which is only possible when patients help do their part as well.

Thanks for listening.

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